TMD II Improvements

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TMD II Improvements

Post by H3katonkheir on 13/1/2011, 18:43

The previous version was very limited.

The new version, currently being worked on (in GML) has / will have the following (additional elements - apart from the whole appearance being totally revamped);
  • Multiple window management.
  • Floating toolbar.
  • New tower and population building placement.
  • Multiple tower selection; point and box select.
  • Shift tower(s), with over-ride options.
  • Free-move placed tower.
  • Auto-generated shortest path and time estimation.
  • Save / load function (Existed in the previous version, old saved mazes will not work with the new version).
  • Export to a 300x300px .png image, ready to be uploaded to the forum.

If you want to add a Suggestion...



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