What Are Challenges

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What Are Challenges

Post by H3katonkheir on 11/12/2010, 09:27

If you enjoyed the "TTW Weekly Challenges" from the previous forum, then you may enjoy these Smile

Every month a new challenge will be released, which will require a certain amount of skill and or problem solving to complete. You will have to complete whatever the requirements may be, within the limitations (be it a limited amount of towers, map version, etc). The release time will be 12:00 (Mid-day) GMT, on the first Saturday of each month, a reminder will be posted a few days earlier.

Each challenge has a difficulty rating, out of 10, 0 being able to do it without any challenge, and 10 being near impossible to complete (Note that sometimes this can be seriously off. An alternative way of completing it can be (and often is) found which can make it a lot easier than the original planned solution, but that's what makes TTW players so great!).

The first person to successfully post a solution in the correct format (be it a replay, maze design or plain text) will be proclaimed the winner for that month and be awarded reputation points (dependent on the difficulty of the challenge), and a custom user-bar, until the next winner is announced!

After a month the challenge will close if it has not been completed and the solution will be given.



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