How to; Posting Builder Ideas

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How to; Posting Builder Ideas

Post by H3katonkheir on 25/12/2010, 19:31

This is used to standardise builder ideas and allow easy to reading / creation. Please follow these guidelines and post if additional information is required.
Not posting in the correct format will likely result in your idea being removed.

The "Title of the topic" must be your builders name.
The body of the topic must be in the format shown below. Please copy and paste the text in the "Codebox" below to get the format. Fill in the <section> sections and read any additional instructions inside. (Make sure the "<" and ">" are not included in the finished product).

[Version 1.1.0]

[b]<building name (1)>[/b]
[*][i]Requires:[/i] <requirements, ignore if no requirements.">.
[*][i]Cost:[/i] <gold cost, ignore if "0"> Gold, <food cost, ignore if "1."> Food, <Other, specify details, eg; "10 Lumber">.
 - [b]Damage:[/b] <damage, eg; "10-12.">.
 - [b]Type:[/b] <damage type, eg; "Siege.">.
 - [b]Speed:[/b] <speed, eg; "0.5 Second(s)." (every 0.5 seconds it attacks)> Second(s).
 - [b]Range:[/b] <range>.
[*][i]Food Gain:[/i] <additional population, usually for population buildings, eg; "+10.">.
[*][i]Size:[/i] <size, do not mention if the tower is "2x2.">.
[*][i]Upgrades to:[/i] <building name> (Requires: <requirement>).
 - [b]<ability (1) name>[/b]; <ability (1) description>.
 - [b]<ability (2) name>[/b]; <ability (2) description>.
 - <... ... ...>.
[*][i]Notes:[/i] <include any additional notes here>.

[b]<building name (2)>[/b]
<... ... ...>



[size=15][b][color=#9BC21B]Other Details:[/color][/b][/size]

<additional details>


After everything has been filled in the eventual post will look similar to the following; (The title of the topic would be "1337 Builder".)


1337 Turret

  • Cost: 100 Gold.
  • Attack:
    - Damage: 10-12.
    - Type: Siege.
    - Speed: 1.2 Second(s).
    - Range: 1000.
  • Upgrades to: 1337357 Tower
  • Ability(s):
    - Killer Awesomeness; has a 75% chance to deal an additional 100 magic damage to the target.

Magic Maker

  • Cost: 200 Gold.
  • Food Gain: +30.
  • Size: 3x3.

1337357 Tower

  • Requires: 1337 Turret (Upgrade), Magic Maker.
  • Cost: 12000 Gold, 3 Food.
  • Attack:
    - Damage: 1500-1800.
    - Type: Chaos.
    - Speed: 0.1 Second(s).
    - Range: 800.
  • Notes: Only 5 are allowed.


The 1337 are a special group of cyborgs that joined the war to prove themselves. Over time they learned that being better than all the other builders was a crime and never made it into the TTW map.

Other Details:

This builder is for demonstration purposed only, and as such it is not balanced or even slightly complete. Also don't comment on the unoriginally Tongue!.


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