upgrade tower system

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upgrade tower system

Post by steer on 16/5/2011, 20:29

I don't know if I post this in the right section and sorry for my bad english. But anyway here's my idea, its really hard to upgrade a tower if you have to sell it and build a new one, that's consuming a lot of time delay if you want to upgrade all your tower by selling it and at the same time you are the in the mid and also a a juggler and there are so many creeps crawling in your maze... This is one of the reason why I don't use those kinds builder when I'm the mid.

So here's what I'm thinking why not build another tower by overlapping another tower? What I mean is build a tower inside another tower or something like that, you know what I mean? So you don't have to sell the old tower... that way you can save your time delay and you can keep the creeps on track in your maze.

anyway this is just my suggestion... but I think its really a great idea thu..

thanks and more power to TTW...


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Re: upgrade tower system

Post by MoJo on 16/5/2011, 21:55

I understand what you are saying... but...
I don't know if that can be done.

A solution might be to simply make every tower of a race upgradeable to any tower (of that race ofc) except ulti towers.


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Re: upgrade tower system

Post by LeafMuncher on 16/5/2011, 22:04

The fact that some builders are easier to max out is an important part of balancing in the map. One of the greatest strengths of most of the weaker late-game builders is that they are either cheap or easy to max out, or both.

Usually builders that are easier and/or cheaper to max are much weaker later on. A good example would be Demon. While the ulti tower is one of the strongest single towers in the game, it gets into trouble when there are more than one big boss in the region.

A closer example to what you mean would be Golems. Overall one of my favourite builders. It's greatest strengths are in early income and the ability to upgrade at any time under pressure. Then compare it to a builder like The Pure. 20 Fountains with a couple owls spread around can do a lot of damage, and 40 Fountains laugh at tier 3. Imagine if it was just as easy to max out The Pure under pressure (or other powerhouses like Dragon or Goblin!)

One thing to remember: Juggling is meant to be a last resort, preferably be able to kill whatever comes your way, only needing to juggle big sends.

Most players use juggling excessively to get high income with weak towers (myself included), but few know when they should focus on building up a lot.

When playing those kind of builders, rather fall behind a bit in income to make sure you don't have to juggle when you need to build to get ready for late-game. There are high income builders and there are strong defensive builders, and most switch around at different stages (eg. Goblin, The Pure)

Hope this helps. I had a much longer explanation typed up, but my PC crashed as I was about to post it, so this is the lazier summarized version.

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Re: upgrade tower system

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