v5.48 Changelog

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v5.48 Changelog

Post by H3katonkheir on 8/12/2010, 16:19

v5.48 Changes

Mode Changes

Normal Picking
• Fixed: Red can no longer choose races that have already been selected.

All Random Mode
• Fixed: Players should no longer be able to abuse the mode system to give each player multiple builders.

Open Region Command
• Fixed: Players should no longer be able to enter another player's area if that player has not entered the -or command.

Hide Sight Mode
• Removed: -hs mode has been removed.

Training Mode
• Fixed: Creeps now run to the correct team when playing as blue or teal.
• Fixed: Players should no longer get a (false) message saying that their shrine as been auto-upgraded.

Builder Changes

Builder General
• Changed: Selecting an allied building now displays their current resources.
• Fixed: Corpses should now always get correctly removed.
• Fixed: Sell timer should no longer break.
• Fixed: Towers now play their animations more than once at the end of the game.

Bandit Apprentice
• Fixed: Dominating Presence Aura no longer shows Deadworld fortification icons.
• Fixed: The research for antidevotion aura now has it's numbers coloured correctly.

Brotherhood Summoner
• Added: The builder now has a new ability "Champion of the Mob" that temporarily empowers a single Gnoll Lightning Warden.

Creep King
• Fixed: Shade Creep's hotkey no longer conflicts with that of a Shaman Creep, Shade Creep's hotkey is now "H".

Crypt Lord
• Fixed: Nerubian Seer can no longer attack structures.
• Fixed: Nerubian Seer now correctly autocasts Faerie Fire.

Demon Conjurer
• Fixed: Melt Armor now has a clearer tooltip regarding what it can affect.

Evoker of the Necron Covenant
• Changed: The Necron Fortress now holds an item that shows how many attack speed charges it has.
• Fixed: Covenant Architect no long causes debug messages to be shown whenever it kills a unit.
• Fixed: The Covenant Architect now correctly adds to the Necron Fortress's kills.

Evolution's Helper
• Fixed: Corrected some grammatical issues in tooltips.

Flame Mistress
• Fixed: The research for Blazing Arrows now shows the correct dps amount in the tooltip.

Lich's Brethren
• Changed: Benevolent Smash now has "B" as a hotkey.

Ogre Warchief
• Fixed: The Ethereal Blessing buff now displays the correct amount in it's tooltip.
• Fixed: Raw Strength no longer causes a debug message every time the Tauren Khan attacks.

Poseidon's Guard
• Changed: Removed the tech requirements from Might of the Sea God and Nymph Training.
• Changed: Tidal Wave's Drench now has a lower incremental value and a max damage cap which can be upgraded.
• Changed: Tidal Wave's cost has been increased to 2000.
• Changed: Players can only build 10 Tidal Waves.

Rain Maker
• Fixed: Storm Crow Form now has the correct cooldown.

Robotizer Tinker
• Changed: Tech buildings are now vulnerable and can be sold.
• Changed: Moved some icons around on the tech buildings to make space for sell.
• Fixed: Obelisk Of Light's Chromatic Laserbeam had it's tooltip corrected.

Wisp King
• Changed: Wisp abilities now get affected by evasion, if the wisp's attack does not hit and deal damage, then it's abilities cannot proc.

Creep/Boss Changes

Creep General
• Fixed: Creep Corpses now correctly get removed when a creep explodes.
• Fixed: The ship that Rift Minion creeps board is now owned by the correct player.

Creep Shrine Level 1
• Changed: The Storm Spirit creep has been changed and is now a Ground Spider. The creep's stats remain the same.

Creep Shrine Level 2
• Fixed: Earth Spirits now correctly play their death animation when they die.

Boss Shrine General
• Fixed: Players now correctly require certain rounds in order to upgrade their boss shrines.

Boss Shrine Level 3
• Fixed: Level 3 Bosses now have the correct stock start time.

Other Changes

Game Info
• Added: In-game -info command, which displays the current game information.
• Fixed: ReVerthex's name is now spelled correctly.

Players Leaving
• Changed: When a player leaves, you now gain control of his Tower Replacements, so any ally can sell them.
• Fixed: Tower Replacements can now be sold by any of the leaver's allies.

• Added: Player icons to the in-game statistics board.
• Changed: In-game statistics board now displays lives in the header.
• Fixed: The end-game statistics board no longer shows a player's income as 0 if he left during the game.

• Changed: The lower Rift Minion Walls and the upper Races of Bastion Walls now have lowered edges so that building is easier when working next to the wall.

Tropical Vault
• Changed: Reveal ability now lasts only 8 seconds and affects the entire team.

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