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Official Release Date

7/12/2017, 12:14 by H3katonkheir

I'm excited to announce the official release date: 10th February 2018!

Thank you for all the support! For those that have signed up for the closed alpha / beta, there'll be a lot of more official testing during January. Details to follow once I know.

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Dota 2 TTW update #3 - The Curse of 7.00

28/2/2017, 22:53 by H3katonkheir

You remember that Dota 7.00 update? Well that ruined everything Tongue. Here's what the state of the map was looking like the day before that update:

I was planning on a public beta release if everything was working after the update. There was even someone who kindly wanting to make a promo video for it the following evening. After the update however, the map would spontaneously crash after region selection without reason. After literally days of looking for the cause I was forced to rebuild it together from the ground up (obviously a lot of the code is still reusable though). This time however I would properly segregate components.

Unfortunately this year I started with a full time job; I really do enjoy not starving to death Excited - so my time has been severely restricted. All is not lost though! I've recently completed all my other projects and have started dedicated every free moment I have to working on TTW (or writing this shitty update).

Maybe the only benefit of rebuilding something from the ground up is that you get to revisit a lot of old code (some of it really core) and I've ended up preventing many bugs and exploits that I would otherwise have missed. I've also introduced new systems, one of which is for defining builders which requires a fraction of the time and complexity of the previous (Valve's) system. As such I'm able to release twice as many builders as well as a few well needed touch-ups.

Here's a preview of the builders in the initial release:

  • Ancient Forester (+ minor rework)
  • Golemancer
  • Bloodelf Worker
  • Crypt Lord (+ new towers)
  • Dragonlord
  • Mountain Wolf
  • Night Elf Summoner
  • Ogre Warchief
  • Rain Maker
  • Troll Summoner
  • Wild Beast (+ rework and new tower)
  • Wisp King
  • +3 Super-secret major remakes
These are actually pretty much completed, so I've got have that going for you Wink

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