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Dota 2 TTW update #3 - The Curse of 7.00

28/2/2017, 22:53 by H3katonkheir

You remember that Dota 7.00 update? Well that ruined everything Tongue. Here's what the state of the map was looking like the day before that update:

I was planning on a public beta release if everything was working after the update. There was even someone who kindly wanting to make a promo video for it the following evening. After the update however, the map would spontaneously crash after region selection without reason. After literally days of looking for the cause I was forced to rebuild it together from the ground up (obviously a lot of the code is still reusable though). This time however I would properly segregate components.

Unfortunately this year I started with a full time job; I really do enjoy not starving to death Excited - so my time has been severely restricted. All is not lost though! I've recently completed all my other projects and have started dedicated every free moment I have to working on TTW (or writing this shitty update).

Maybe the only benefit of rebuilding something from the ground up is that you get to revisit a lot of old code (some of it really core) and I've ended up preventing many bugs and exploits that I would otherwise have missed. I've also introduced new systems, one of which is for defining builders which requires a fraction of the time and complexity of the previous (Valve's) system. As such I'm able to release twice as many builders as well as a few well needed touch-ups.

Here's a preview of the builders in the initial release:

  • Ancient Forester (+ minor rework)
  • Golemancer
  • Bloodelf Worker
  • Crypt Lord (+ new towers)
  • Dragonlord
  • Mountain Wolf
  • Night Elf Summoner
  • Ogre Warchief
  • Rain Maker
  • Troll Summoner
  • Wild Beast (+ rework and new tower)
  • Wisp King
  • +3 Super-secret major remakes
These are actually pretty much completed, so I've got have that going for you Wink

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Dota 2 TTW update #2

19/12/2015, 10:28 by H3katonkheir

Okay, firstly I need to make a huge apology to all the people who came forward to help with testing. For those who don't know what happened, the closed beta testing was going to commence from the 11th December but then I disappeared without a trace. I'm really sorry guys, I hope you'll forgive me just this time.

"What happened?"
Between my full-time job, exams and failing to meet my own deadlines, I burnt myself out quite badly. Shortly thereafter I was then whisked away for a week-long recovery holiday with very limited signal. I had also forgotten my forum password (I'm a genius, I know Tongue) so I couldn't post this while away...

"So, where's my TTW?"
Somehow I managed to introduce a completely arbitrary bug that makes the game unplayable, as I'm sure you can imagine, this didn't help the situation leading up to my burn out. I have no idea how it came about, nor how it was even possible, but it is there, annoying me endlessly. When I get back I will be able to look at it again with a fresh mind.

I spent far too long trying to fix this bug, so there's still some work to do and while on holiday I thought of a few more pre-release additions. Fortunately I'm going to be house-sitting for a friend for a while, so I'll have nothing but time, and I'm keen to get back to work.

"That's not good enough!" -FlaMeBeRg
I know, I know, sorry. I want to play it just as much as you, promise Tongue. If it makes you feel better I'm going to be working my arse off for the next few weeks.

I'll also post some more screenshots in a while.

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