The Story of Tropical Tower Wars
As Enferno once stated...

The Rift Dwellers

A long, long time ago - as all things that are old, start and end - there was a race of rift dwelling beings that had evolved out of the shell of the material plane and into a grand state of power and knowing. They sat in the eternal rift thinking and watching and waiting. Why they waited they did not know, but only knew that when It happened the waiting would be over and the End would come. In their infinite boredom and irritation, they saw the world with its wars and were interested. They named it Bastos (the World of War). Then, sensing the promise of amusement, they started thinking and making plans...
The dark unfathomable deeds of the Rift went unnoticed at large until it was too late. With the Rift servants working without relent, the realisation of the plan became more and more real. It happened over many millenia with many events leading up to the final result (including the death of a king, the sacrifice of a nation and the brutal slaughter of millions of humans) but eventually it took place… The Great Rift opened.

The Rains

When the Great Rift opened it raised the land around it, creating an island in the middle of what used to be a raging maelstrom. Over time it would expand and grow as billions of creatures materialized from the rift. The World of War was besieged by beasts of a million description and lead by generals of awesome power.

The forces of the little world were taken by surprise but quickly began to fight this new enemy as if it were just another incident in a long and never ceasing war. However, as the inhabitants realized that the power was far more then they could defeat on their own, they knew the time had come to activate the last bastion of defense on their world, the Rains. It was the one devise that would be able to stop the invasion and push it back through the Rift.

As the great horn was sounded in the Ancient Tomb of the Lord of Battle, the Rains swept across Batallion, no person could ignore its pulling magic and all responded. The great world united and fought back against the rifts minions, beating them back, minion by minion, General by General to the last Great General. The Last Great General, however, had an idea that would both appease his masters, the inhabitants of this battle hungry world and save his own life, and so he negotiated his great plan with the leaders of Bastos and, finally, the plans took action.

The Great Battleground

It took thousands of years and was frequently interrupted by war but eventually the Great Battleground was completed in the parallel dimension called “Battalion”. Named the “Trujuu Urigi” [tropical (or Utopian) Tower] for its immense spires and architecture, it became the site of what is known as the Tropical Tower Wars. The TTW was a contest of war between the war-hungry races of the newly created Battalion. The races would fight against the their enemies using the chaotic powers of the Rift Stones, while protecting their Rift Ships with their own armies and the winner would be awarded the TTW vault, a magical creation filled with the powers of battle, war and power.

The Undefeatable General

As for the Last Great General, he revived his ancient brethren and once again commanded the forces of the rift for the amusement of his immortal masters. Then seeing an opportunity to improve where he had failed, he took the ancient generals and their minions and made new races that would battle against the ancient war hungry races for the rest of eternity. For his excellent and undying service he was granted invincibility by his masters. Realizing the Great General’s power he was honored by the battle races of Baston with an ancient title that was reserved for only the most powerful of beings, “Undefeatable”.
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